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Poll: Possible change for DTT 2009: Match postponed ? [Winner: cancelled if > 1 day]

In DTT 2008, there have been times where a match planned on a given day (eg. Monday) was indeed rescheduled 2 days after (eg on Wednesday). For DTT Managers, this led to some extra-management where first round DTT results were not yet known and DTT quarterfinals were still being played.

The proposal is to give the DTT Manager the possibility to cancel match postponed from more than 1 day. Eg: If a match scheduled on Monday is rescheduled to Tuesday, this match will still count in DTT Monday. If it is rescheduled to Wednesday, it will be cancelled from DTT Monday.

Of course, this rule does not apply if all matches are rescheduled 2 days after (due to rain) and there is no match on Tuesday.

Which rule do you prefer ?

a/ Keep existing rule (all matches scheduled in initial OOP will count (except ones with w.o.)).
b/ Only matches planned in OOP started the planned day or the day after will count.

Poll is opened only for DTT Players (even the ones who have just committed for Doha). Votes from other players will not count.

Poll is opened until 2008-12-31.

TT Singles Year-End Rankings:
2014: 50
2012: 98 (W: Bucharest)
2011: 65
2010: 34 (W: Memphis)
2009: 61
2008: 63

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