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Originally Posted by Truc View Post
Le Niçois n'a repris la raquette qu'il y a 10 jours. Du coup, pour son entraîneur Thierry Tulasne que « Gilles n'est pas encore prêt ». « On est vraiment en cours de préparation. Il fait actuellement des modifications sur son service, pour obtenir plus de précisions et de puissance. » Autre travail en cours : un jeu davantage tourner vers l'offensive pour ce contreur hors pair. « Ces automatismes sont à mettre en place en compétition. C'est l'occasion. » Objectif 2009 : « Les Grands Chelem, les Masters séries et le classement ATP » résume Thierry Tulasne. « Le but est qu'il se maintienne dans les 10 premiers. Après, il ne se fixe pas de limites car il peut rivaliser avec les meilleurs ».

He picked up the racquet again only 10 days ago and Tulasne clearly says that "he isn't ready". They're making some changes to his serve in particular, he's really just in the middle of his preparation.

He plays against Ouanna at 7pm again today.
After my tennis training tonight, I was able to watch Gilles's match on Sport+ (they have the channel in my club's lobby). I only saw the second set though.
Gilles didn't play as good as he would against top players, and yet he would still be very serene, except when he was serving for the match, quite typical though.. leading 5-3, letting Ouanna leveling at 5-5 all. Plus Ouanna had a wonderful opportunity to lead 6-5, he just had to push a ball, an yet he missed it.. Gilles was lucky on that one.

I heard Gilles speak on 'Agathe's mike' (I like this Agathe, she's a good interviewer for Sport+, have you heard her ?? Fran, Natsu, Soulage?).
He said that it was not an easy match (I'm sure he meant "not as easy as I expected"). He talked about his double fault at 5-4 (was it 5-4, not sure now). He said a photographer took a picture of him at that very moment, and it really disturbed him. He was angry and had to cope with a whole lot of bad emotions. However, he tried to think positive. He said that it was good that he had to face this kind of incident on court, before 2009.. He said all the matches are the same : you have to win them no matter what.

Then Agathe talked about the semis against Benneteau and Gilles didn't look so thrilled. He said that he expeced a tough match, but that it was handable (à sa portée, je ne sais pas comment le traduire). I'm sure there will be a lot going on on the court tomorrow.
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