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Re: Thomaz Bellucci

Looking for the top 50, coach and Bellucci are going to spend réveillon in an airplane

Hard work, consistency and a fixed place in the top 50, that's what João Zwetsch is expecting from his new pupil, Thomaz Bellucci, currently #1 Brazilian player. Talking to, the 40 years old from Rio Grande do Sul, recently hired to upgrade the career of the most promising tennis player of Brazil, says the young 20 years old player has a great potential, but effort will be needed to reach regularity.
In a chat by phone, the coach says the greedy plan starts in December 30, when both depart to Brsibane, Australia. The réveillon "party" will beon board of the airplane, in the middle of the way. Zwetsch talks often about consistency and regularity, and when asked about the aims, he doesn't come with the "we want to improve" talk, he is very specific.
"Yes, there is a goal. If everything goes well, Bellucci can fix himself inside the top 50, that'sourgoal.This year he approached to the top 60 but then slipped quickly.", says Zwetsch
Following Brisbane's week, they go to Auckland, New Zealand. In those two tournaments, Thomaz will have to play qualies. He has a direct acceptance for Australian Open, though.
Last year Bellucci started as #183, reached a career high of #67 in June, after some titles in Challengers, but later failed at ATPlevel and slipped to his current #85 position. Zwetsch talks about the difficult transition that damaged the player.
"It's a different demand, you can't mess. You must have consistency in several aspects., you can't fail too much in everything. Tactical, technical, mind. No gaps can be allowed. To achieve this all at the same time is hard, but we must have a good quality in all aspects. It's not about doing much better than he isalready doing, it's about making it with consistency. He has to keep his mind cool and strong, an intense day to day work and improve things all the time so his game will be less vulnerable. It's not a fast task.", he says.
Zwetsch is an experienced coach, worked with Flávio Saretta when he reached the top 50 (where Flávio stayed from August 2003 to April 2004).
"I've learned alot of things working with Saretta. A lot of what I've learned I can use now , maybe not in the same way, but I have references and experience now. Saretta is very intelligent for the game, had such a great potential, but for some reasons he screwed up things a bit. But we can't compare them (Saretta and Bellucci), they are different persons and each one has his own aims", says Zwetsch.
Zwetsch and Bellucci met at Davis Cup, as Joãois assistant to the captain Francisco Costa. After breaking up with his former coach (Leonardo Azevedo), Bellucci looked for João and made him a proposal. The coach agreed and quickly stablished some aims. As usual, talked about hard work and regularity.
"This year (2008) was a year of evolution, but he oscilated too much, and if he wants to be a top 50, it must not happen. So the work will have this goal, loking for consistency, and then he establish and have sharper aims.", finishes João,00.html

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