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He gets a warm welcome from the other guys who arrived one day before, Chardy, Serra, Montcourt, Recouderc... (Jo isn't there yet, he will arrive tomorrow according to another article). Gilles: "It's nice to see them again. We are scattered to the four corners of the world playing tournaments all year long. We don't have many occasions to see each other, just a few days from time to time when we are training at Roland-Garros".
He says he likes the area because he has good memories from the training camp in Saint-Cyprien last year and also because he's from the South of France and he went sometimes there on holiday with his family (it's an article in the local newspaper).
They leave immediately for a hike on the Canigou and will spend the night in a refuge. "I like working on my condition. I'm not repelled by that part of the preparation."
The expectations will be higher next year: "People will now pay more attention to my results for sure. But I don't put myself under pressure. The only important thing for me are the people who come to see me play. The ones who pay and buy a ticket to attend a performance. I'm not allowed to disappoint them."
Does he have a new mission? "Somehow, yes. I can be a model for the young guys of the Team France, like Escudé or Mathieu were for me the first times I took part to these training camps by the age of 18. That's why I'll have to be beyond reproach in the next few days. I can't afford to skip a cross-country race, to lag behind during the moutain-biking in Sorède.... So yes, I can't go in hiding and I'll do my utmost to keep a good spirit in the group."
The goals for next year: "I'll try to gain consistency. I'm in the top 10 now. Needless to say I'd like to stay there, even though it won't be easy. I'll need to do well in the Slams and the Masters Series, the events which bring a lot of points".

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