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Re: Mug Tennis

I'd say I was mug-lite today. Hadn't hit for nearly two weeks so definitely had plenty of ring rust.

This guy was KILLING me. He was serving huge, not the biggest serve I've faced but it was just impossible to read. I'm a consistent returner usually but this guy made me look silly. I was returning nearly everything with a continental grip as there just wasn't enough time to switch grips, he even hit me in the body at one point - that's never happened before! His second serve had enormous kick, so I was having to chip it back each time which helped him get his huge forehand going to dominate the point. Only towards the end of the match I started running around my backhand to unleash the forehand on his second serve, I should have done this at the start - what an idiot!

He was destroying me in each rally, he had a massive topspin forehand and HUGE flat backhand which he just put everything into. I really had to use every ounce of craft in my game just to scrape a few points here and there, my short angled slices really paid dividends, and I was pretty much saved from complete humiliation because his volleys were some of the worst I've ever seen - he nearly always put them 10 feet long or into the bottom of the net.

There wasn't much in it with the score at the end, but I really didn't help myself with my terrible serving. It's completely fallen out of sync and I just couldn't get any power. I kept trying the body serve like an idiot, but it wasn't working. I was so scared of hitting to his forehand, but when I eventually did slice the serve out there it really worked well. Again, mug tactics from me there, I should have figured that out earlier than I did. I got so frustrated at one point when I lost serve from 40-0 up, I just went all out attack after that I played amazingly well If only I had played with that intensity from the start I might have sneaked it.

Oh well, at least I didn't completely embarrass myself. I'm playing pretty well for a guy who took a five year break from the game since junior level, only returned to tennis last year, so it's a work in progress.
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