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Re: Super Tennis (SNES Rom)

Weird comparison.

You cannot have decent rallies just after a few hours of play, Gustavo. Also you are not aware of all features and moves this game offers, nor can you pull them off on purpose after such a short time. I'll bet you. It demands much more than most other tennis games to get into it at first. But once you've got the hang of it, you'll change your mind. And stop playing vs the A.I., challenge me instead ;]

ST is fun, yet not for me anymore. Gets pretty repetitive after a short while and it lacks of variety and a good balance. SFMT is light years ahead what game depth concerns. It just demands more work and skill to be able to fully enjoy it. Play whatever you want but don't make rash judgments of a very complex game after a couple of hours. ;]

Edit: For recording try Camtasia, I wrote a mini FAQ on Stonline about it.
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