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Re: Election of Moderators

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post

But people have a problem with him simply because they don't like that he moderates what they say. They only have a problem with him because they were allowed to get away with all kinds of crap for so long and don't like all of a sudden being told that it's not OK. It's not like RL has actually done anything wrong or abused his powers. He has fully admitted that not all of his actions were correct, but everyone makes mistakes.

I see your point, but if that many people have problems with him, whether or not he has made mistakes, he should not be a moderator.

Why are you under the impression that mods need to be liked? Who cares? The point is that the board should be a nice place for people to post - as Eden says - about TENNIS. The problem is that people are almost unable to do that lately b/c of all the bickering. Maybe the bickering is popular, and what if those people who are mean bullies get elected as mods? I think we all know how badly that would turn out.
Yes, but those people won't get elected.

Originally Posted by Eden View Post
So this is actually the "MTF wants to get rid of Raging Lamb" thread? I can't say something about the situation with him/her as I never had any problems, but apparently whatever problems there might be they probably aren't serious enough for the administrators or runners of this side to decide to do something against her/his work.
It's not I am just using that as an example.
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