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Re: Election of Moderators

Originally Posted by Glab311 View Post
Yes, maybe elect new moderators every three years? Something, but I think that MTF needs democracy.
I think MTF needs more tolerance in the first place.

If some people would change their behaviour on the board a little bit and stop insulting each other or troll around in threads the moderators would have to do far less.

Yes, MTF is an internet forum and nobody should really take anything serious here but unfortunately a lot of discussions end in talks which don't have to do with sports - and wasn't tennis the main reason we all registered here on MTF once?

I guess it's natural that we don't agree sometimes with the work of certain moderators, but as I posted earlier isn't it better to try to solve huge problems with the moderator alone or talk to one of the administrators about it?

Will people ask for premature election when there will be problems with one of the new voted moderators?

Being a moderator on MTF, especially on GM, isn't surely an easy job regarding the huge community here and the amount of daily posts. We have seen moderators giving up their jobs in the past (for example Shotgun or Lee) and they would probably not be the only one who could tell all the people who still think it's an advantage to be a moderator here about the negative side of it.
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