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Re: Election of Moderators

Originally Posted by Troickitard View Post
There has to be a need for a moderator in a certain section for the moderator to be considered. A popular player forum, or more GM and NT mods.

They probably just don't feel the exhibition forum needs one. What kind of things do you think need to be moderated in there? Maybe one of the moderators can do the things you think need to be done.
I just think it would be nice to have all exhibition events listed under a profile, like in the Challenger section with info on the event.

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
No, we don't. This is a privately-owned message board.
Excuse me? It's not true. MTF may be made of adults in the legal sense (as in, they are mostly over 18), but they do not act like adults.

Not at all debatable.
Apoligzes, I mean't to say you are NOT an 8th grader, I typed that in the morning.

It is privately owned, but to make it better and fit the needs of people, shouldn't we elect who moderates it?
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