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Re: Spreading Reputation

Originally Posted by Taejin View Post
Maybe a noob question, but here goes: what is the purpose of reputation here? It seems to me that everybody have the same level (reputation beyond repute)?
With every rep you get a certain amount of points (one tenth of the points the person repping you has, minus 1/20 for a bad rep), there are actually various reputation levels that you get to after reaching a certain amount of points, but as they are set pretty low, they are easy to reach, so quickly everyone has a reputation beyond repute and soon reaches the maximum amount of points (2147483647).

Anyway that all means little, reps are just used as a quick message system or showing someone you agree or don't with their posts.

And for those, who don't know the limit, you have 10 per day and you have to rep 20 people before repping someone again.
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