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Welcome TH!

I'm a diehard Rogi fan as you can see -- you can check out my images from TMS Toronto this summer -- there's one of Rogi w Chiudinelli at the hockey game -- so much fun to watch them having fun! [images in Mad... thread]

Also, thanks to Doris for Swiss info -- I have the SMASH mag stuff on the Juniors but it's in GERMAN! [Doris and Mrs. B. are kind enough to indulge me for translations of Swiss articles.]

Thanks to Mrs. B. for FC Basel report!! [my Spanish teams Real Madrid (Juanqui's team) and Valencia (dear to my heart as it's the place where Juanqui is from and where I lived/studied) also won!]

Yep, here we can all cheer for and support the SWISS BOYS!

See you around the boards!
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