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Originally Posted by Hangdog View Post
And what's that about the doubling points? Is it also a part of the new system? Or you mean that since next year there is a rise in points, and e.g. 5 points of the first round turn into 10, we should consider 30 points as 60?
Would it be possible for you to explain how the transition from the old to the new points system is going to work? Will all the points at the end of this season be calculated on the new format? Also, what points will be awarded for the different stages of each tournament. Would a Grand slam, for example, be 2000 for the winner, 1750 for the runner-up, 1500 for the semis etc. In other words, increments of 250.
- Meg Millard, Johannesburg, South Africa

At the end of the 2008 season, the points a player has earned in his ranking will be doubled. Starting in 2009, the new ranking structure will be in place with new points structure and new ranking formula. Here is a tournament point breakdown for the different classifications from the quarterfinals-on:
Grand Slam: 2000 (Winner), 1200 (Runner-up), 720 (SF), 360 (QF)
Masters 1000: 1000 (Winner), 600 (Runner-up) 360 (SF), 180 (QF)
ATP 500: 500 (Winner), 300 (Runner-up), 180 (SF), 90 (QF)
ATP 250: 250 (Winner), 150 (Runner-up), 90 (SF), 45 (QF)

I understood that they will have their points doubled but I don't know how many points is done for a first round in AO.

Originally Posted by Hangdog View Post
Besides, I'd rather believe it's going to be Week 3: AO, Week 4/5: Rest
And then he still has high chances for Marseille WC, and Rotterdam qualies would probably be a better option than a Challenger considering again the new ranking points system.
The week 4 in Australia is for tourisme ; St Etienne & Besançon are 125000$ Challenger with now 100 points for the winner so if you win it it can be good but you have to win lol.

New Caledonia is a very good idea. An happy new year there should be great.
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