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Re: Mug Tennis

Played today for the first time in over a month. Even worse, I'm one of the people who lose form completely if they don't hit at least a couple hours a week. Even worse than that, I've been spending much of my free time this past month(s) smoking instead of exercising. Horrible condition. Anyways, decided to pick up the racket again and start a healthier lifestyle.

After a pretty shitty start to practice, I found myself hitting better than I thought. My forehand was initially horrible though; dumped it into the net countless times or dropped it extremely short, and I couldn't hit crosscourt to save my life. Anyways, I decided a practice match with a complete mug would help.

Just one set, as I wanted to take things a bit slow, and things were going well. I was up 4-0, serving. Then, out of nowhere, came double faults. Again and again. I couldn't kick or put any topspin into the ball at all, and every serve I hit was dumped into the net.

Not a horrible day, as my groundstrokes held up better than i thought they would, but I really need to work on that serve. I lost, btw. Coria would've been proud.

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