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Re: Your Tennis DVD/Video websites

Originally Posted by tennisvideos View Post
Hi There. If you email Karen she can tell you what Grosjean matches she has. I looked up the 2002-2003 link on her site and saw about a dozen matches that Grosjean won. So she would have more for sure.

Her email address is on the bottom of the website page.
wow dude you're right lol there are a whole load of Grosjean videos there... Howcome I've never came across this site before!? Too bad few of my favourite matches are missing though =D

I'll probably buy those videos to be honest. But there are a matches of Grosjean I'm willing to pay high price to get. First is Grosjean vs Moya 2001 AO, Magnus Norman vs Grosjean 2001 AO, Arnaud Clement vs Grosjean 2001 AO, Felix Mantilla vs Grosjean 2003 AO. These matches were probably never shown overseas on satellite channels. But pretty sure they were shown on channel 7 of Australia. So one day hope to meet someone who has them~!

And lastly would you mind giving an idea the process of how the tennis videos are bought off the website? And how much does a video cost? thanks!

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