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Re: The "Breaking More Records in 2008" Cheering Thread (Fall indoor!)

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
...some people are too ignorant to be able to get past their "frat boy" exuberance to see how much they actually do for the sport (the commentators postulated that they spend more time and energy trying to help the sport than anyone on the doubles OR singles tour ) and how hard they work and how good they are.
I figured it was something like that (the chest bumps, that they're -- o noes -- American, etc.).

I always find it so amusing how a good portion of the Americans get this automatic flack or pegged as a jerk, yet these same people are some of the bigger/biggest philanthropists and/or advocates for the sport to support/better it -- more so than many others on the tour or sports players, in general. I mean, what's up with that? What do you mean off-court they aren't stealing candy from babies and popping little kids' balloons just to see them cry? Way to not live up to the standard/image. Geez.

But, I digress--

Go Bob & Mike '09!

...Fool me three times, either I'm kind of stupid or you're really good at this.

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