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Re: The "Breaking More Records in 2008" Cheering Thread (Fall indoor!)

Poppin' in, but yeah, not surprising they lost. I would have honestly been a lot more shocked if the Bryans won, considering Nestor/Zimonjic have just been playing pretty fantastically the whole time there and the Bryans, not-exactly-so-much. I'm actually happy they even got as far as the finals, I thought they were gonna lose to Fyrstenberg/Matkowski in the SF (which might have happened if Matkowski's serving had been better).

It sucks with this loss they also ended up losing the YE no. 1 position (and that the GM!Doubles forum will probably have a ball with it. I don't get their hate -- is it founded on anything or is it just general asshattery?), but I'm not too sad as Nestor/Zimonjic deserved it. Though their speeches just made me when they both ended up mentioning Bob's injury and stuff. I hope Bob is able to rest up, get that shoulder taken care of, and Mike and him come back roaring in the 2009 season.

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