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Re: ~*Priscila, Nando Chica's No.1 Chica, Appreciation Thread*~

Originally Posted by ~*Carlita*~ View Post
this thread is about the Nando Chicas' no1 Chica and her name is Priscila not Ana Just because they are not together anymore doesnt mean we lose interest in Pris.

but if you wish to talk about Ana, be my guest ..... don't really care, so no need to be confused.
Oh, okay, so this was never a thread dedicated to Nando's girlfriend, it was a thread dedicated to Nando's Chicas' favorite chica? And that chica just happened to be Dafne when Nando was with Dafne, and Priscila when Nando was with Priscila, but it actually could have been Eva Longoria or any other woman that Nando's Chicas chose as their favorite chica?

I personally don't have any particular interest in talking about Ana, but it appears that some people out there would like to, and it just seemed odd to me that his current girlfriend was off-topic but his ex-girlfriend was on-topic, so thanks for the explanation.

Maybe I'll start a topic on my Live Journal for those who want to talk about Nando and Ana without interfering in the Dafne/Priscila thread or having to go to a WTA board to do it.

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