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Well you're welcome to open your swiss topic in here .

So you like to know more about our siwss guys.
Well you know Michel so I don't have to tell you anything about him. You even might know more than I do anyways.

Interresting thing about George Bastel is that he's actually born in the US. Marc Rosset (not really my fave.) still surprises me. Ivo Heuberger needs that one big win for his breakthrough and he's got to look after his shoulder who's bothering him every now and then.

Yves Allegro trains in Germany. His best results he had on grass. (Rosmalen that is.)

I believe also Marco Chiudinelli (he played in Toronto this year - with Roger he was also in the hockey team - he beat Cederic Piolin at the qualies for the US Open but lost in the next round.) trains outside of Switzerland as there aren't many good training centers around here. Only one that comes to mind is the one in Magglingen clouse to Biel. (Yes that's where Roger used to train and sometimes still uses the site when he's in Switzerland.)

Roman Valent hasn't made the step to the big ones yet after he won Wimby as a junior last year. Guess it takes him longer to get back after he had to deal with the "Pfeifferschedrüsenfieber".

When I'm not mistaken Stephan Bohli is training in a center in Paris. Haven't got a clue what Michael Lammer is up to.

Sorry not really much of good info from me.

but still enough for a huge

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