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Re: Zabaleta tv Show

Originally Posted by jazz_girl
I just found out that Mariano has a tv programme in America! It's on
right now and it's GREAT!!!
He just interviewed Gaudio and talked about everything. Amazing
interview, he asked Gastón if it's his goal to be N°1 and he
answered: the only way I can beat Federer and Roddick is in a cards
game,what are you asking?! LMAO!!!!
Then they showed what they do when they're not training and there
were Gaudio and Zabaleta playing in the play station and Gastón won.
Then they showed some footage from Athens and OMG!!! Zabaleta was
with his camera in Chela's room and Chela started singing (mainly
children's songs!) and Mariano showed his room, it was a disaster!
Then he asked, who do you share this room with, cause the guy is
really tidy! And he said: David! -Oh, great, let's start seeing
through his stuff! LOL
Then they showed David, and Maraino was taping him with his camera
and David asks him: What are you doing? I'm taping you for my tv
show.-your what?-my tv show!!! And then he started to laugh really
hard and there was no way he could stop it. They also show some footage
when he was changing his clothes for the Opening Ceremony.
Great job from Mariano, Great programme! I can't wait to see the next
And here I was thinking that David was not tidy. What do I know?

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