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Originally Posted by Lopez View Post

Anyways, my opponent turns up and it's a 35-year old man (you don't have to be a student to play, but then the membership is more expensive). He's hung over and enjoys a nice cold beer after the warm up... In addition I was hitting my first serve very well, so I only needed to get it in and I'd won the point... I don't know whether it consitutes as even excersice . Well, at least I hugely improved my Games won / Games lost stat...
heh heh... probably a defining moment that definitely belongs in here and runs along the same lines...

there is a popular Easter tourney in the city where i am from in oz... players make an annual visit from all over the state.. i even made my visit coincide with it this year when i went home for 3 weeks... its your regular country tourney, city folk up for a bit of cash, while most get their fill in the bar every day... i was playing good tennis at the time in 2001, and, drew a pretty decent player from down south near the city... the guy would travel up each year and i'd seen him play... he would usually play his best tennis after 2pm and would request late starts so that the alcohol would have time to leave his system... this particular day i drew him in the 2nd round... at noon... f***ing guy walks on with a beer in his hand... i was laughing... he was smiling up a treat... inside i was laughing even more as i had won the 1st set 6-2... he was close to retiring.... struggling was an understatment... i got ruthless and went on to break twice to lead 5-0...

what happened after this i would rather not write about... needless to say i put the racquet down for 2 months... i still have mental scars tho, they do help... and the guy was actually there this year... so, we had a beer...
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