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Re: Mug Tennis

Originally Posted by adee-gee View Post
So I've got this match tomorrow night, I've been delaying it as long as possible to try and find my form but it's gotta be played by the weekend. Backhand is still a huge liability, and this bastard I'm playing trains for like 8 hours every day with an academy while some of us have to work because we don't have parents funding a tennis "career" which is going nowhere

I'll be happy with 3 games, I'll need to serve well though
what surface mate...? turn it into a shit fest... academy players usually are fantastic when you give them a good length and deeper... cos thats the nature of drilling academies... dont usually work on short sh!t and anti-rhythm...

last weekend made my comeback to tournament play for the first time since march on a long weekend tournament... in west ireland... there are two tournaments at this club, and the open in May/June is actually featured on Rod Laver's titles record... so, i make my mandatory pilgrimage ... hurricane conditions = mug conditions... same as last year, and, so caused the 1st day to be entirely washed out... the west of ireland is like a wind break for the rest of europe... diabolical... atlantic breeze..? umm... no such thing...

wet, soaked carpet, socks needing changing after each match... played a fair bit on synthetic grass, but, the ball sits up on syn grass in oz... to add to the mugness of the situation, they fukt my entry up and put me in the mixed and dubs instead of the singles and dubs... so... were forced to draw me against the 4th seed upon re-entry... anyways, got around 6/7 6/3 6/3 in 2hrs45... then, 1/4's up after 20 minutes break... 6/2 6/4 up... and.. semis 2 hours later... down 1 n 4 to the 2nd seed who got me by the same score 16 months ago...

there is a saying in cricket where i come from: 'shit gets wickets' ... you could be bowling a superbly, much better than your mug friend for 8 overs straight with no result, but, your mate could come on straight after, bowl totally sh!te, and leave the field with figures of 5/9...

i feel the same way about those mug conditions on wet, outdoor carpet... you could be a lot better, or a lot worse than somebody, but, in mug conditions, tennis becomes the ultimate equaliser... after playing outdoor here a few times... i went straight back indoor for 9 months thinking - 'f*** that for a joke'... today... its a mental and tactical exercise against these local players who grew up in conditions like these... and...also, drinking exercise, like this particular open tourney...
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