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Originally Posted by JM-Del-Potro View Post
I lost 6-0 6-0 in my first tournament 4 months opponent was very tall...he served very strong,and we were playing on clay
But I also had 3 break points when he was 6-0 2-0 up

I played very bad,although I couldn't have win anyway,but losing that way
My shot were always sliced shot,I forced them few times in the match...
Sounds like you gave it a good effort though! I can relate to the slice thing. Whenever I play against players of a higher standard I'm fine at dealing with their power and spin, and heavy serving, it's the placement and consistency of their shots that kills me though. They have me constantly on the run and I can't get any power on my shots when I can only just get the edge of my racquet on the ball each time, it means I have to constantly resort to slicing, even on the forehand and there's only going to be one winner in that situation.

On a positive note, had a match today and I seem to be returning to some sort of form. Played much more relaxed, actually really going for my forehand instead of holding back, I figured if I'm going to miss it would be more satisfying to hit the back fence than dump the ball into the bottom of the net. Also tinkered with the backhand a bit going for many more topspin returns than I would usually, considering I was facing a lefty hitting the serve with tons of slice, I'm quite pleased I timed all the returns well and got them hard back at his feet.

All in all, happy with the progress
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