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Re: Help Please plz reply

Originally Posted by fast_clay View Post
scorelines are full of sh!te... its still the same furry yellow thing you hit in practice... therefore... every match should be practice... some wanker put a scoreline and a set of lines on a court to f*** with everyone...

placing emphasis on a win or a loss is ego getting in the way when all you really wanna do is improve... right...?

for a long time i analysed tennis matches way too much, when, i found that... the childlike approach i once had was the way forward... the most simple, basic enjoyment of feeling the tennis ball on the strings... once you win that test with yourself, you will be able to enjoy the test that someone else places in front of you knowing that you were free to play as good as you were able to at that particular moment...

get free... get free enough to play and enjoy each ball on its merits regardless...

i went backwards to go forwards...

it doesnt get to much more complicated than that...
Yeah but B.G. says that playing is fun and winning is more fun than losing.
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