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Re: Suicide Tennis Basel - Commit to Swiss !!

Players List

Winning Pick on Day 7 - [250 points]

Adder A216: Fish, Kohlschreiber, Nieminen, Blake, del Potro, Nalbandian, Federer

Winning Pick on Day 6 - [175 points]

Chris 84: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Becker, del Potro, Nalbandian, Federer, no pick
maldini: Fish, Kohlschreiber, Blake, del Potro, Nalbandian, Federer, no pick
propaganda: Lopez, del Potro, Becker, Blake, Nalbandian, Federer, no pick
Raffaella: Lopez, del Potro, Becker, Blake, Nalbandian, Federer, no pick

Winning Pick on Day 5 - [110 points]

Dupuis2006: Lopez, Nalbandian, Andreev, del Potro, Federer, no pick
eljab: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Nieminen, Blake, Nalbandian, del Potro
EnriqueIG8: Fish, Nalbandian, Nieminen, Blake, Lopez, del Potro
ghan: Fish, Kohlschreiber, Nieminen, Blake, Nalbandian, del Potro
qczi: Fish, Beck, Nieminen, Blake, Nalbandian, del Potro
Tulipe: Lopez, del Potro, Blake, Nalbandian, Federer, no pick
Wildcard Ace: Fish, Kohlschreiber, Becker, Blake, Nalbandian, del Potro

Winning Pick on Day 4 - [60 points]

balloon: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Becker, Bolelli, Blake
ronim1: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Andreev, Nalbandian, Blake

Winning Pick on Day 3 - [43 points]

Winning Pick on Day 2 - [25 points]

alex_k: Fish, Kohlschreiber, Petzschner
Björki: Fish, Kohlschreiber, Petzschner
Boarder35m: Lopez, Beck, Fish
chrono: Lopez, del Potro, Petzschner
Ekin: Lopez, del Potro, Petzschner
Gavnich77: Lopez, Beck, no pick
greatkingrat: Lopez, del Potro, Baghdatis
gulzhan: Fish, Nalbandian, Kohlschreiber
I♥PsY@Mus!c: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Petzschner
KalleOnAir: Lopez, Beck, Schwank
Kielian: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Baghdatis
Kissing_Rain: Fish, Kohlschreiber, Petzschner
Labamba: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Baghdatis
MH0861: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Beck
Mincheff: Fish, Kohlschreiber, Petzschner
ostm89: Lopez, Beck, Petzschner
rvugt: Lopez, Bohli, Petzschner
Snoo Foo: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Petzschner
Troickitard: Lopez, Kohlschreiber, Petzschner

Winning Pick on Day 1 - [5 points]

anutam: Lopez, Berdych
ATH04: Fish, Acasuso
buddyholly: Lopez, Acasuso
Deborah: Lopez, Berdych
Deck: Lopez, Berdych
digor: Lopez, Acasuso
Evita5: Lopez, no pick
Frank Winkler: Fish, Berdych
guille&tati4life: Lopez, Berdych
insieme: Lopez, Acasuso
In The Zone: Lopez, Berdych
jcreback: Lopez, Acasuso
Korvpipa: Fish, Berdych
natashha: Lopez, Acasuso
Nikki♥: Lopez, Berdych
NyGeL: Fish, Acasuso
Peta Pan: Lopez, no pick
raduucuu: Lopez, no pick
RezNik: Lopez, no pick
sd3300123: Lopez, Acasuso
Smidster: Lopez, Berdych
TMJordan: Fish, Dlouhy
vamos israel: Lopez, Berdych

Out with nothing

Black Raven: Wawrinka
BRENTIN25: no pick
diego36arg: Calleri
Filipo: Wawrinka
HeretiC: Melzer
jasonx73it: no pick
jmf07: Wawrinka
leoneo: no pick
lucian_iasi: Wawrinka
RvN#10: Wawrinka
Sheva: Wawrinka

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