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Re: At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?

Originally Posted by Eden View Post
Great to hear that you enjoyed it so much over there I don't live that far away from Hamburg and although I'm a huge tennis fan for nearly 25 years now I never went to a tournament before last year. I didn't wanted to waste the opportunity to see Roger playing live - I already missed to see my former favourite players.
That was MY main reason to go there this year as well, as you know.

It's really a shame that Hamburg is losing the Masters status The new date of the tournament doesn't fit into Roger's schedule and therefore he won't probably play there although he always stated how important this tournament is for him.
Yep. BTW, it has been reported that the German tennis federation will go into appeal to this verdict, but to be honest - I give them about 0,000000001% chance of winning it.
Lovely, lovely tournament. So sad to know that I in fact visited the final opportunity to see my fav players playing there, as I'm pretty sure neither of them will participate there any more.

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