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Re: Who are Roger's best friends on the tour?

Originally Posted by SUKTUEN View Post
Roger is really good friends with Rafa?? Really?
Being rivals on court doesn't equal not being able to respect & appreciate each other off court, which apparently, they do.

Novak seems friend with Murrary
From what I've read, it seems that Murray, in contrary to his 'grumpy' image on court, is in fact rather a nice gentleman off court. He seems to get on fairly well with everybody, including Fed.

Originally Posted by MrsFedex View Post
"You can be friends and rivals with someone at the same time" Nadal says
That's it, Raf. There's a good reason why I love the guy.

they are both such gentlemen, in and out of the court
Yep, and that's the premier reason why I've been a Fedal fan since... 2005.
Thanks for your post MrsFedex, much appreciated!

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