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the thing is Roger and Rafa feel like they are equals you know? in reality, they are a step over all the other guys on tour and all the pressure and expectations come for the two of them, so in a way I think they are close 'cuz they know maybe other people wouldn't get it what it felt like to be on the top of the ATP

this article explains it better

Federer se siente contento con su fama de hombre bueno y con su naciente amistad con Rafael Nadal
Federer feels content with his good man fame and with his growing friendship with Rafael Nadal

Los dos buscan cómo comunicarse. Nadal chapurrea inglés. Federer lo domina, como el francés, el alemán y algo el italiano. Suya es la decisión de convertir a Nadal en su igual. "Le necesitamos", dice el suizo. "Nos entendemos. Tenemos la misma visión de hacia dónde debe ir el tenis en el futuro", añade.
The two of them look for the way to comunicate, Nadal with his developing english, language that Federer has already mastered, as well as french, german and some italian. It's his decision to make Nadal his equal. "We need him" says the swiss man. He adds "We understand each other. We have the same vision of what direction should tennis take in the future"

"Se puede ser amigo y rival al mismo tiempo", argumenta Nadal.
"You can be friends and rivals with someone at the same time" Nadal says

Hace una semana, a Federer no le importó el riesgo de desprestigiar su número uno llevándolo a Palma de Mallorca, la casa de su enemigo, para jugar una exhibición a mitad de temporada, fotografiarse sonriente con el español y aprender extasiado que Nadal habla con los suyos en mallorquín. Los dos cerraron el experimento mojándose en champaña entre risas. Cuchicheándose secretos a los oídos.
A week ago, Federer didn't care about the risk of losing his prestige as #1, going to Palma de Mallorca, his enemy's house to play an exhibition at the middle of the season, take photographs while smiling with the spaniard and happily learn that Nadal talks to his own people in mallorquin. The two of them closed the experiment showering each other in champagne while laughing, whispering things in the other's ear

I haven't really seen the Djoker getting along with any players on tour

more R&R pics:

I LOVE this pic:

they are both such gentlemen, in and out of the court

Rafael "The Matador of Spin" Nadal
Roger “The Magician of Precision” Federer
Del Potro, Ferrer, Haas, Zeballos

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