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Re: World Group Play-Offs: Brazil at Croatia (September 19-21, 2008)

Decision by the Davis Cup Committee regarding Croatia
The Davis Cup Committee, at its meeting held in Madrid on 23 September, responded to the breach of the Court Pace Rating Rule by Croatia in their Davis Cup by BNP Paribas World Group Play-off tie against Brazil in Zadar, Croatia on 19-21 September.

The Committee imposed a series of penalties against Croatia including the loss of 2,000 Davis Cup Nations Ranking Points and a fine. The Committee also denied an appeal by Brazil, received on Saturday, 20 September, requesting that Croatia be disqualified and Brazil be declared the winner of the tie and additionally that the Brazilian Tennis Federation be compensated financially. The Committee took into consideration that the tie Referee considered that the court was playable and the fact that the Brazilian Federation did not appeal until well into the second day of the tie.

The ITF Court Pace Rating Rule came into effect in 2008 following an extensive study by the Davis Cup Committee and the ITF’s Technical Department in order to limit extremes in playing conditions in Davis Cup and Fed Cup. The Rule is as follows:

The pace of the courts to be used, excluding grass and clay surfaces, shall have a measured ITF Court Pace Rating between 24 and 50 inclusive. If on-site testing establishes that the court does not comply with the required Court Pace Rating, the host nation shall be subject to one or more of the following penalties as determined by the Davis Cup Committee:

1) Reduction of Davis Cup Ranking Points
2) Fines
3) Ineligibility for all or part of payments to Nations
4) Forfeiture of choice of ground on the next or subsequent occasions when the Nation is entitle to choice
5) Relegation to a lower division of the Competition
6) Disqualification for the current year and/or entry refused for future competitions

The nations may appeal the Davis Cup Committee decision to the ITF Board of Directors.

The Davis Cup Committee, chaired by Juan Margets (ESP), is Pierre Darmon (FRA), Neale Fraser (AUS), Enrique Morea (ARG) and Alan Schwartz (USA).

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