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Re: The rising star Daniel Evans :)

I would say definitely yes to the top200, his record in Futures over the last couples of months has shown that he is more than comfortable at that level and is ready to start hitting the challengers once his ranking is high enough. Whether he makes the top100 is a totally different question and is more often than not an unfathomable one; it could hinge on his desire and/or his development mentally/physically and simply his overall tennis ability. So, in conclusion.. I have no idea

Well, I am plumping for 'yes' with regards to reaching the top 200. I will be more willing to comment on Daniels' top 100 prospects at this time next year [by which time he could well be in the top 200..]. I think the main obstacle that Daniel has to overcome, and seems to 'be' overcoming at the moment, is his attitude - if he works hard and remains focused I don't doubt that the top 100 is a genuine possibility for him.
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