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Re: Shots you DON'T have in your arsenal

There is sooooo much missing in my game. But on my Christmas List this year, I'd put a kick serve. A bit more topspin on my forehand would be nice, too, Santa.

Don't know that my opponents can really take advantage of those particular weaknesses...I just can't take advantage of them.

As for your difficulty, Tidus, I think we all have it. Being able to roll over the top of a short ball, particularly to the backhand side, is difficult. That's one of the reasons I love to hit that shot to an opponent. For a change of pace, instead of going deep down the line with it, try a short (almost/half-ass drop shot)...still down the line...and follow it in. Because most opponents are expecting one of the two choices you usually use, you may catch them off guard. Then, when/if they catch on, and follow their own shot in...blast one past them DTL again.

And don't worry about the "negative" aura of the question. It's a good one!

I love my girls.
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