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Re: OK, i am a Newbie to the tennis betting, but Should i go for it SERIOUSLY?

Originally Posted by El Burro View Post
Fuck me (not literally) dispense proper advice?

Totally agree.

FedAce...I respectfully agree with the others here in telling you that you aren't ready. As jayjay et al have already pointed out, there isn't necessarily a link between an 88% strike rate and netting a profit from this least, not when you're betting 1.10 shots. It CAN be done (see MC2 thread over at Betfair forums), but it takes a great level of skill (notably selectivity) - a level that the average Joe probably isn't at (see tennisinsight - some of the posters with the highest strike rates).

You need to know your sport extremely obviously have a solid interest in it, so that is good ground to work from, but it could still take a while.

Finally, as malisha (?) says, it is probably best to work out a "staking strategy" so that you won't haemorrhage your life savings should you go on a poor run (a "cold streak" happens to everyone btw)...for me, anyway, money management is the key (assuming that everyone can pick a winner - a given) to potentially becoming a profitable bettor.

Different people take varying times to learn the basics, but it can take many months, even years.
Thank you for you extremely Wise advice. Only thing is that i know Tennis extremely well. I have been following and playing tennis for over 20 years. i am also good at picking head to head matchups. Things like knowing if one player owns dominant record over the other player. Is the player on a hot streak or is he in a slump or is he dead tired from playing 2-3 weeks in a row. Or is the player highly motivated to do well in a certain tournament or does he have ton of points to defend in that particular tournament. How does one player's game matchup against the other player's game if they have not played each other before. Does the player's strength apply well to his opponent's weakness ? Lets say if the guys has one of the best backhand crosscourt in the game, does that shot apply well to his opponent's weakness like his running backhand.? Tennis is so much about applying your strength to your opponent's weakenss, and understanding how well can this be done ? Can this pro achieve this in a match and how strong is he mentally to pull it off ?
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