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Re: Bolding, Underling, and Centering

Originally Posted by Glab311 View Post
Let's say that I try to center something in my post. I click on go advanced and then I highlight what I want centered, when I do that around what I want centered it will say [center] The thing I want to be center [Center/] Then when I post it everything is centered and the [center] [center/] that appeared around what I want centered went away. I was just wondering when when I am in the go advanced mode and I highlights something I want center it will center it right there instead of putting in the [center] center/] code.
All right, now I understood it better what you mean.

Showing the centering right in the advanced mode instead of putting around it is possible if you're switching your Message Editor Interface to something else.

Go to User CP --> Edit Options --> Miscellaneous Options --> Message Editor Interface and select: Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing. Then save changes.

WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get

This gives you what you want, and shows a lot of other edits on the text like color, font, size...

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