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Re: [Topix] U.S. Open Apologizes to Serena After Overrule Error

Too right! That dumb-ass excuse for an unmpire better apologise too, she was totally incompetant for most of the match. That error she made in over-ruling a ball that was clearly in on the far sideline was outrageous. I think there needs to be a system set up that will totally remove the chance for that kind of thing to happen e.g Mac-cam replays, Hawkeye replays available to the umpire. First Venus at Wimbledon, now Serena. They must wonder why these umpires are giving them such a bum deal. Two of Serena's balls in the final game that Hawkeye showed were in, were called out and the umpire did nothing. That Portuguese umpire whatever her name is, should not be allowed back into the chair until a) She gives Serena a written apology b) She gets her eyes tested.
From what i hear, she will not be officiating at this years US Open again.
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