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Re: Summer hardcourt season 2008

Originally Posted by Truc View Post
This time I don't agree. I don't get why you're mentioning the Fed and Djoko matches. Of course he will lose these close matches against players who are currently so much better players than him. He did a great job to keep it that close against them with all the shortcomings in his game and didn't really fail or disappoint.
He can choke when it gets tight, he has in the past, but it was not so much his problem this year imo. I thought he was pretty strong mentally when he had to close a set although he wasn't playing so well. Also in the first rounds of the USO again.

Yesterday was a completely different story. I'm still upset about him for that joke of a display. He wasn't that shockingly slow in the 1st set when it was still somewhat competitive, he was in the last 2 sets - when he wasn't even trying anymore.

Rasheed also is upset. Great news, I just hope it won't end up with another coach change, he definitely needs a Rasheed to compensate for all the annoying worship coming from Manicom and Rufin Monfils.

OK, this one need some explanation. I am not talking about choking (what's choking anyway ? is it some PHM choking just at the end of a match ? or is each loss like a choke whatever happens ? ), I am talkin about raising his level a little bit when needed on a big stage. I didn't find Fish pecularly good yesterday, as Djoko and Fed were in their match with Gael, and he was not really far away from him, like he was from the two others. I just feel like he still lacks something at that stage. I am not generalising though, cause it's true that he was already able sometimes to raise his level in the past. But he doesn't have one big victory on a big name in a tight match. And it's clearly lacking.

Yesterday was probably one hell of a hangover though, more than a tight match.

( I don't consider Fish like a big name though. But this match was important and tight : the audience were against him, a match for a quarter final in a grand slam and, most of all, a real opposition in style where it's always a bad match up for the retriever. Hangover or not, he needed to raise his level to win that match. )

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