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"Zdravo! Kako si?" aka The "let's all learn Serbian" Thread :bounce:

Ok So this is the thread where our Serbian sisters will teach us non-Serbian sisters handful Serbian words and phrases, so that we're fully prepared to cheer on Viktor at a tournament and have a nice little chat with him afterwords Or if you're just curious about what Viktor might have said after a point, this is the place to ask And, ladies, please behave and keep the public-forum-inappropriate stuff (swear words and what not) for PM's

I'll go first and write some basic introduction/hello stuff I've recently learned

Zdravo = Hello/Goodbye (informal)
Kako si = How are you? (informal)
Drago mi je = Pleased to meet you
Dobro jutro = Good morning
Dobar dan = Good day
Dobro veče = Good evening
Laku noć = Good night
Hvala = Thanks
Hvala lepo = Thank you very much

please don't let my thread die

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