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Re: The "Jhappy and other Tursunfans" Chat Thread

Originally Posted by tedlesurfeur View Post
Well, I'm not "back" I'm still waiting for them to link me to the web :rolleyes I'm just popping in :cool to check on my girls especially you (I shouldn't care so much as you already decided you would cheat on me in Barcelona :rolleyes )

Girls, always remember that the male mind is dirty and naughty :devil

Indeed, no overthrow possible, except for Dima, in person. :worship

But, but, but ... i behaved so good, like a real in Barcelona, you can be proud ... and i now know how to dance Flamengo


but nothing compared to frensjes mind

And Ted, Rosie and me are still waiting for that mudfight between Dima and you, you know, the one you promised us VIP tickets with FULL access for

Originally Posted by tedlesurfeur View Post
I think it's take two or three weeks to get it all done... the internet people are in vacations.. :lol
they've been so slow are giving me an cable installation date..
Internet people should not be allowed to have holidays

Originally Posted by Aleka View Post
:lol Tell him nice try, but words do not soften me. His brother's phone number....maaaybe

And, indeed, Marat vs Vinnay was entertaining...unfortunately I couldn't laugh since I was so pissed that the foot-fault thing was happening AGAIN! :rolleyes
But he won, so I'll let it slide.
And then you'll immediately pass that number on to me, right

Entertaining footfault AGAIN :botl:??

Tiny little allowed then??

Originally Posted by *Elsie* View Post
One of my colleagues died :sad He was 53 and had a heart attack :sad
OMG, that's so bad, hun ... my condolences to you, the guys family and all your colleagues

Originally Posted by *Elsie* View Post
It's so weird, yesterday he was here and today he is no more :sad
It didn't stop ghastly Emmanuel to p*ss me off completely :fiery I hate him.
I can imagine it was weird, hun ... But at least he didn't suffer that much and long, i hope and :rolelyes: BAAAAAAAAAD BOSS
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