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Re: The worship masters Ted and Dima Chat Thread

Originally Posted by *Ljubica* View Post
so we got all the "facially challenged" ones in one night................

Originally Posted by *Ljubica* View Post
Lily is still more into frogs and toads than anything else :angel Though mostly nowadays she just flutters and squeaks around Alex, and acts like a little hussy :rolleyes
And please don't say like me - at least my price is higher than a tin of tuna chunks :spit
how high exactely??

*counting the leftover money from the trip*

Originally Posted by *Elsie* View Post
I would never say a thing like that :angel So, what's your price? Two tins of tuna chunks?

Poupina is fine. Some workman let the frontdoor open the other day, luckily she didn't go out on the street :awww
Good one

for Poupina, that was scary though ... What a well raised cat, if she doesn't get out on the street!

Originally Posted by *Ljubica* View Post
Alex came home and we had a minor "disagreement" over whether to watch Berdych or Ivanovic :rolleyes He won :spit But thankfully she is getting through her match very quickly, so I shouldn't have to suffer for long
you won't have to suffer that at all anymore this USO
I really don't like her, i mean, she's such a spoiled crybaby, pouting etc... hope Dina will take the no. 1 spot after this tournament

Originally Posted by tedlesurfeur View Post
This is good thinking !!! :lol I indeed sort of own you.. :lol too bad I don't get off with this kind of things :lol I'm not a owner freak :lol but thank you all the same :hug I AM HUGGING TOO MUCH THESE DAYS it's because of Rose and Misha on Facebook (they're hug freaks) :rolleyes

Mean and Dark Ted is back :devil :lol Yes, Frens, I own you. Do as I say :lol
My master Ted ... ofcourse you own me, and i'll most of the times will do as you say, but you kind of let me down with you saying your not an owner freak , but i love you for showing your sensitive side a bit more BIIIIIIIIG TURN ON ....

Girls just love to hug and cuddle a lot, and you know, the more you give them, the more you get ... and if you switch from time to time to the mean and dark Ted, we'll forgive you () at least i would
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