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his relationship with BG has ended now that is true, but as far as i am aware he hs not been cut off by the lta (and i would almost certinaly know). He is still training at the NTC (when he's in london) and the lta will contiune to provide him with coaching services. For the time being he will not have a 1 on 1 coach, but will have a shared coach with the likes of Josh Goodall. A coach wont travel with him to every event but will perhaps be at some that both he and josh is at.

Its very hard to know what the recent up turn in form for Alex is down too. he has had Brad since xmas but its only around wimby that he managed to get a few decent wins and get some confidence back. Alex had got himself to his best ranking (108) with peter lundgren, and looked fairly set to make the top 100 before a injury wiped out a large part of last year post wimby.

i dont see him breaking the top 100 by the end of the year, of course its possible, but i dont think its relaistic, he didnt earn enough points at the start of the year to make it feasible. Year end rankings arnt the be all and end all, as its a running system, if he can end the year inside the top 150, or possibly the top 130 then i think he could be in a good position to break the top 100 next year, remember this year he had the DC early part of the season which really knocked his early season plans out of kilter, indoor hard courts have been his best hunting ground in years gone by and he missed a few weeks of them for the DC in Argentina, both in events played and preparation. ok the DC will be around next year, but we cant get agrentina away, nor australia away so hopefully it wont be too bad.

if you think alex should retire, what about all the other slighlty older players that not even doing as well as him like jonny marry or richard bloomfield?

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