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Re: US Open 2008 : The Come Back

His interview in English is hilarious, he doesn't understand half of the questions, can hardly say anything. "Sorry?" "Sorry?" It doesn't sound like he practiced his English a lot during the break.

I rather recommend his audio interview if you speak French. It's great to hear him again, he has such a cheerful voice!
But he doesn't talk about his knee in that interview, just says that he was very impatient to play, so it was not easy to wait until Wednesday, but maybe it wasn't a bad thing for his knee.
He knew he wasn't going to play great tennis and it helped him to keep his focus even after having lost the 1st set.
He sounds like he really likes Moya a lot and is very excited to play him (again, since he already beat him in Beijing in 2004).

And I like the part when he says "Ask me again after the 2nd round and I can tell you then if I'm going to make it to the final" (or something like that). The journalist: "Oh, you will be able to tell us after the 2nd round already ?" Jo: "Well, I'll have some more clues by then. Maybe I'll be already out of the tournament so I'll know I won't make it."
(It's probably not funny in my translation, but it is very cute when he says it.)

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