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Re: Roddick Fires Roddick, Hires McEnroe

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
This has happened before man. John's been with Andy several times throughout his career. I guarantee you there isn't bad blood between them, there was no big bad firing or people pissed off or anything else you can dream up. John's wife is andy's publicist, john has a tennis academy in San Antonio, they have lives, it's not like John's life revolves around Andy. I don't know why you feel this need to imagine some kind of bad blood or drama, but I don't really think it's there.
I guess you know Roddick more than I do. But the way McEnroe put it yesterday felt like that. I hope he and John are OK. Having said that, no one on earth can save Roddick from this hell. He is now officially a half dimensional guy. His is a first serve guy. Take that away and he loses.

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