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Re: betting-job

Originally Posted by nastoff View Post
I don't think it can be done. Take a look at the Wednesday tennis picks and the 90% of them were losers ( Karlovic, Melzer, Ginepri, Hanescu, Minar, etc ). And that happens most of the time.
Now I'd like to know about these other methods where you can reliably increase your bank without having to pick winners and get a liability on your bank in the first place? When people picked Karlovic they had to risk more than 5 times their stake for 1 part of profit. Picking underdogs doesn't seem to work either. You can study a match all you like and be 100% sure that it's a winner and it can still lose.
The very idea that you can use that as a reliable income to replace a job is ludicrous. It's gambling, you risk your money everytime you place a bet, so what are those trusted capping methods that work everytime?
You need to remember that the week before any GS is the most difficult- the bigger the event the more reliable the matches ive found

what i dont get is these so called professionsals betting big money on tennis players when they have no live pictures- how can you tell how your pick is doing by a shitty sb- we all know stats on a sb can look deceiving, btw i'm not saying anyone on this board is doing this but theres are people out their e.g betfair forum that are betting big money on matches when they havent seen any matches of a certain tournament-we all know that most players have 2 sides the likes of Verdasco,Fish,Ginepri,Blake and many many more are capable of ebating decent players but are also capable of horrible loses and going out in round 1-

Some Tennis results are getting so strange that the only way to win consistently is to bet in running once youve seen wtf is going on

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