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Re: Post VIDEOS of KIWI !!!

Nobody happens to have the small scene of "Waldi & Harry"???

Harald Schmidt walked around with Britta Heidemann (I think it was at the Olympic Village) and made a few jokes with some people passing by, and then suddenly Kiwi and Patrik Kühnen passed them, and he asked them like "Hey, what do you say about Boris?" - "What's up with him?" - "He's engaged with Sandy now". And then Kiwi grinned "Oh really?" and Patrik said something like "Come on, let's go!"

I didn't see it completely because I wasn't paying attention to the TV, and then I was suddenly like "oh fuck, he's talking with Kiwi, damn!" and then it was already over.

Too bad I watched the re-run and not the first broadcast, because else I could have recorded it on the re-run because I thought it could have been funny

I looked for the highlight at

But it doesn't work, maybe it works at some time.

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