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Re: Suicide Tennis - Come in the last Grand Slam !

September, Sunday 7th


The most risky pick award

September, Friday 5th


The most risky pick award

September, Thursday 4th


The most risky pick award

September, Wednesday 3rd


The most risky pick award

September, Tuesday the 2nd

The "I die, but by my own way" award
Frank Winkler, only one to lose with not Davydenko

The "Salem sorcery" award
Jozie who picked Muller as BU

The special i'd like to give less work to manager
to Muller. 19 out in one day... good score !

The I'm not here but i can win
SD3300123 who was forced to pick 2 days ago... That's works

The most risky pick award
Probably Frank Winkler with Gonzalez

September, Monday the 1st

The "Rookie of the event" award
*Ljubica*, last one NR to be in

The very special all in green award
I♥PsY@Mus!c only one now to have a perfect score in all is picks&BU

The "miracle still works in suicide" award
Nygel for changing Almagro vs Roddick on Day 7
and L_mac, for changing Blake vs Wawrinka, and have a big doubt on this on day 6

The "is it a wish" award
Deathless Mortal for picking Querrey as BU

The most risky pick award
Diego36arg with Fish

August, Sunday 31th

The "consolation " award
L_mac and Ycpg for picking late

The "I dislike to take risk (but is it a good strategy)" award
Frank Winkler who have already picked seed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8

The separation award
Attributed to day 7 : duo and trio are now separated

The special all in green perfect picks race.
4 players are still in and have perfectly picked from the start of the game, in BU too.
*Ljubica*, Aguante_el_Gato, Jozie and I♥PsY@Mus!c are the last ones in the race

The most risky pick award
Definitely Rvugt with Muller

August, Saturday 30th

The "my BU will kill everybody" award
Diego36arg, only one to pick Cipolla (vs Wawrinka) as BU.

The "Pet Shop Boy - I wan't to stay award"
To Mzverev-fan who send pick although he's out

The most risky pick award
Before the match start, i'd probably attribueted to Nygel with Monfils
But at this time, i should say all those who picked Wawrinka

August, Friday 29th

The "tonight I want to be out" award
Gulzhan, for picking Haas (private joke )

The today, "i'm picking a seed for the first time" award
Collective award attributed to Forever-Delayed, Heretic, Guille&tati4life, VamoIsrael, Waddle147, Björki, and FinishingMove

The "in duo, it's good" award....
To Mincheff and Propaganda, both picking by mail and both picking exactly the same picks since monday

The "in trio it's such better" award :
To Guille&tati4life, Vamos Israel and Waddle147 for all 3 picking the same since monday.

The most risky pick award
Diego36arg for picking a .... ic player from ex-Yugoslavia

August, Thursday 28th


The "probably Heart choice" award
Waddle147 who picked de Heart as BU

The "bad eye" of the day award
Black Raven with Karanusic as BU

The "solidarity of the day" award
To : ..ko .....ic who withdrew after ..ko .....ic yesterday !

The most risky pick award
Mzverev-Fan with Nishikori

August, Wednesday 27th


The "special FlashBack" award.
To Peta Pan for picking Devilder yesterday

The guy, "it's fun to joke but don't forget to send" award
to BuddyHolly

The usual "perestroika" award
Frank Winkler for picking Roddick and Davydenko

The "O.M.G , just time to come back from my office and already 5 out" award
for the 5 who picked Tipsarevic

The most risky pick award
well... Perharps Invu2day with Tursunov vs Schwank who is a climbing player

August, Tuesday 26th


The "you make me thrill today" award
Labamba... was very very near deadline

The "do I have a bad eye ?" award
Digor, yesterday picked Ferrero... and today Youzhny
Who will you pick tomorrow

The special "your avatar just drive me crazy" award
Bjorki... i can't kill the fly !

The "your BU pick make me " award
Gulzhan for picking Haas against Gasquet

The most risky pick award
Heretic with Chardy vs Gil. It can be an easy match for the french, but in french never trust

August, Monday 25th

The most strange BU award
Black Raven for picking Ball

The ponctuallity award
Labamba, for sending, not at 10.59 AM, not at 11.01 AM, but precisely at 11.00 AM

The "Mel Gibson The Patriot" award
Attributed to Drikke for picking 2 belgians players, as usual.

The "Ward off fortune" award (if not, i don't understand anything)
JM-del-Potro for picking Canas as BU, who's playing against... Del Potro

The "it was a priori a good idea but finally was it ??" award
to Lucian-iasi for picking Soderling

The most risky pick award
Alonsofz who picked Kei Nishikori (hope you'll be right, guy

Suicide = ??
FITD = NC titles 2008 : 4 / 2009 : 1
PAW : = NC
DTT single : NC; double : NC
TT "you want a bye in 1st round ? Play eljab !" (25 lost in 1st round on 37 challengers played)
Single : NC CH (22/38) ATP [23/16] / 2009 : (0/2)[2/3]
no title, no final
Double : NC (44/35) [14/16] / 2009 : (2/2)[3/3]
W Finals : 5 /Titles : 2 CH Knoxville 07 (with Colt th magnific); CH Besancon 08 (With Sol "Haute" Apollo)

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