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Re: Perspective on the "Federer decline"

BeautifulTommy, not quoting your post due to it's length. I agree with some of the points you make, but, it's not only Nadal that Federer is losing to. So developing some sort of strategy based solely on one guy when you are in fact losing to more than to just that player does not make sense.
I know Nadal fans like to think that Nadal conquered Federer, but the truth is, he's losing to a lot of guys right now. Which tells you it's not just Nadals style of play that's giving him problems. It's pretty obvious that his confidence is at an all time low. How players regain confidence (if they ever do) is a very personal and individual thing. Fed will just have to figure out what works for him. Maybe he will regain it, maybe he won't, only time will tell.

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