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Re: Super Hot Picture Thread

Towards the end of the set they played (I believe it went to a tiebreaker) the sky looked sure to rain. Afterwards it did rain a bit, and it was raining lightly when Gimelstob helped run a small, charity-based auction. Then it was announced that the next doubles set would be played at an indoor sports club about 5 minutes away. By this point, after the rain, only the true, loyal tennis fans remained The few of us made our way to the same courts where many of us play tennis ourselves, and sat on the ground or in chairs next to the middle of three courts and watched JMG and Roshan take on Gimelstob and Nathan Healey. Again - the score was so irrelevant that I've completely forgotten it I think Gimelstob and Healey won though. Anyway, inside it was nearly impossible to take pictures...

There's where they had them playing

Gimelstob kept looking over at me when I was taking pictures - must've thought I was a stalker

Overall the whole day was very fun and there was a lot of nice tennis watched.

Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing my pictures! I know this isn't exactly an active part of MTF and I know I probably spent way too much time on this (resizing, saving, uploading, posting all the pics ) but I enjoy this kind of thing, and even if just one person reads this I won't mind.

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