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Re: JMG in 2008 (Team Tennis schedule in post #34)

Originally Posted by Fee View Post
Oh hallelujah! I was thinking about that event today and wondering if I would hear anything about it from anyone. They did some part of it today, I think there was a clinic and a pro-am or something, maybe a dinner?

Have a GREAT time, wear sunscreen and take a hat. Make sure you have your camera and something for both of them to sign (let me know if you want photos, I can give you good pictures of both of them). Don't be afraid to talk to either of them, they are both usually really good to fans, tell them both I said to be nice to you.
Yeah, there was a clinic. A couple of my friends went to it but I was on vacation until Friday night so I didn't know about it until it was over. As it is I was lucky my friend had free tickets to offer me. Oh and those same friends that went to the clinic are going to be ballgirls at the event. They said the clinic was great.

I'll definitely have my camera and hopefully I'll get to talk to them! I've gone to the USO 4 times but since I've always been so much younger than all the players so I'm always scared to talk to them - the only autograph I have is Isner's But this opportunity, at such a small venue, I won't miss it. Also, I am a year older than I was the last time I saw live tennis so maybe they won't think I'm some freakish tennis-obsessed teeny-bopper. Even if I still am a teenager.
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