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Shot clock in tennis?

There was some discussion (by the commentators during one of the Cincy matches) of a "shot clock" being used in tennis. Essentially, the clock would start at the end of the point and the server would have 25 seconds (or is it 30 seconds) to serve.

If the clock runs out, the server loses his first serve (and presumably if it happens on second serve, the point is lost(?)).

Did anyone else hear this?

I personally like the idea. Seems fair to all the players. Also takes the pressure off the umpire on deciding when to issue warnings for time violations. It will be a "black and white" rule (like the shot clock in basketball for instance).

What are your opinions?

EDIT: Fowler said he had discussed it (the time clock) with Mo - almost everyone's favorite chair ump - and that was HIS (Mo's) idea.

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