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Re: LA Practice Day Report (Pictures, Videos coming soon)

Originally Posted by ~*BGT*~ View Post
Regarding Andy, I read this on another site. What do you make of it?

Posted this in the Cincinnati thread, but it seems like it warrants a mention in here:

Interesting Andy Roddick related...not sure what to classify this as... junk, I suppose. A friend of mine works at the Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, where the Monday before he was supposed to start, Andy visited. My friend was relating the fact that he gave a child with meningitis a big hug, which my friend thought was a bit sketchy, since meningitis is apparently very contagious. Fast forward to Tuesday, where Andy Roddick pulls out of this first match due to neck stiffness. Guess what one of the symptoms are meningitis is.

"Severe headache is the most common symptom of meningitis (87 percent) followed by nuchal rigidity ("neck stiffness", found in 83%)."

Can you give me the link to this post so that I can go there and laugh at it directly, pleeeeeaaasssseeeee.

Yeah, the Cincy hospital is going to put highly contagious children near anyone, much less a world class athlete.

Best twitter posts of the epic match:

@dougrobson - Whoever is supplying Mahut with hair gel needs to ink a sponsorship deal now.

@Wimbledon - FYI, with @Wimbledon live scoring devices, please add 50 to the games in the fifth set of the Isner v Mahut match.

@HolterMedia - Nice to see that a three-day test has come to tennis here @wimbledon.

Andy wearring Crocs, courtesy of Smitty8
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