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Re: Perspective on the "Federer decline"

Originally Posted by General Suburbia View Post
I guess the big question of whether or not Federer can continue dominating is because there hasn't been a player quite like him before. All the greats before him had to continually claw their way into the #1 spot, only to see it go to someone else for a couple weeks when the dozen other competitors raised their game. Things were never truly constant, so there were no safe certainties to rely on. And that was the reason they'd keep fighting. Federer, on the other hand, has dominated like no other. He never had a "slump" where he'd fight back for the top position. Now that he's finally down, what is someone like him supposed to do? He hasn't been the underdog in 4 years, and seemed to thrive on the idea that he was the best; his aura alone was enough to take down nearly everyone else.

This might be stupid rambling that doesn't make sense, but this is what I see nowadays with Federer. He just looks frustrated out there and a little confused.
Maybe losing his dominance can get him fired back up again.
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