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Re: One Hand Or Two Hand Backhand For You?

one hand... heavy topspin or flat depending on the court either is not a drama if i am in the gym... + heavy slice...

funnily enough, my topspin bh arrived when i was 20 after i came back to tennis from 3 years in rugby... just more strength i guess... i dunno... i remember when it truly 'came on' 1st tho... i was playing a 5 set dubs with some mates from the club... i was on the backhand side, and the other 3 guys were like 10-15 years older than me... i was missiing everything for the 1st two sets, cos i was just trying to roll everything back on my backhand... my partner was getting the sh!ts with me... and i think even my opponents were a little pissed cos i just seemed to be giving them points... we were two sets down and i just wanted to get it... by the 3rd set it just appeared and we lost in 5... and i rarely missed a topspin bh for the rest of the day... was a good feeling...

as a very successful junior but my game was fh oriented w/ slice bh to set up a play.. i did toy with a 2 hander for 3 months... ... ... but left it alone <--- i am proud of that.

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